You Should Know This – Which Is The Best Time for Egypt Tours?

The best time to go on a trip to Egypt depends on the area you plan to visit and the type of stay you expect:

In the northern half (inland): The climate of Egypt in October and November, or even May (still a little warmer), is quite satisfactory. Winter is also very conducive to visits if you prefer soft temperatures to the sunshine and you are not afraid of very cool nights. Summer is to be avoided.

In the south: November is the best compromise between pleasant temperatures and good weather. October and May might be warmer, but they are still bearable, while the winter offers very pleasant temperatures during the day but more clouds and especially very cool nights. The Egyptian springtime is a good time to visit.

To enjoy the sea and water activities (Sinai coast and Mediterranean coast): the period from May to October, with a preference for autumn on the Red Sea, is undoubtedly the best time to go to Egypt. In summer it is very hot on the red sea to the point that staying on the beach is hardly conceivable: on and in the water, it is more bearable. The beginning of November is also conceivable but the air and the sea are a little less warm (a lot of the wind in Hurghada) and night falls very quickly. The best time for scuba diving in the Red Sea is from April to November and especially in the early and autumn (heat is strong in summer).

Although Egypt is considered as a tourist destination, yet here, too, can allocate time to come here is extremely undesirable. And unlike most popular countries, here it is not recommended to go, not only in winter but in the summer months.

We will try to identify the period when it is best to rest on the Egyptian resorts, starting from the basic criteria. The most important of them are presented to us:

Weather- The cost of tours

Periods of the best weather conditions

July and August – the hottest month! The temperature in the shade reaches 40-45 degrees, and the water temperature surely approaches 30-degree boundary. In this case, it should be noted that all the hotels are well-working air conditioning system, which significantly easier to carry persistent summer heat.

What you need to know about the Red Sea summer vacation

• The period from mid-April to late May, as well as from October until the end of November are considered peak seasons for Tours for Egypt.

• At this time there is no oppressive and dangerous heat (35 degrees), and the water in the Red Sea warms up to 25-28º.

• The water temperature in the Red Sea by month

• Weather in the Egyptian resort in April, May, October and November

• Demand rest on the Red Sea resorts in the winter. The temperature at this time of year is 25-27 degrees, and the water cools down to 24 to 20 degrees.

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